Lennart Tange
Qxperts (NL)


Lennart Tange enables teams to deliver faster by getting better. With a 12+ years journey from a full-stack engineer to a quality architect to a strategic software delivery consultant, he learned how to deep-dive into technical challenges, as well as keep an eye on the broader picture. In his pastime, he paints miniatures and renovates a house near Pécs. You can reach him at ltange@qxperts.io.
Testability: when your testing problem isn’t testing


If it is hard to test, we have built it wrong”. Being able to deliver software at speed is a competitive advantage in the market. But in many projects, quality slows the project down. Choosing a poor testing approach leads to poorer testability, and poor testability leads to a poor testing approach. Lennart shares his experience on breaking this cycle, identifying different types of testability issues and shifting discussion topics from ‘testing problem’ to ‘testability problem.