Bronz Partner of HUSTEF 2022


Knorr-Bremse Rail Systems Budapest is the world’s largest manufacturer and developer of railway braking systems employing more than 1800 people, including 400 engineers. The braking systems manufactured in Budapest are used in railway vehicles in about twenty countries all over the world, like the super express trains in Asia and Europe, trains in Australia and Africa, subways in Paris and Melbourne and trams of the large cities in Germany. In Hungary, their high-quality products ensure safety of traffic when travelling by CAF trams, Flirt railcars, KISS double-decker trains or the subway cars on metro line M3 in Budapest. Mechanical product development is governed by eco-design, and electronic devices are developed in order to enhance the operation of railway vehicles by the introduction of autonomous systems. 3D metal printing is a new and promising technology which has been tested in the manufacturing of railway brake systems for the first time by Hungarian engineers in the Budapest location.