Kay Grebenstein
ZEISS Digital Innovation (DE)


After graduating in computer sciences, Kay Grebenstein was drifting over to “The Dark Side” of software development and he’s now working as Head of QA at ZEISS Digital Innovation (Dresden, Germany). Over the last years, he was responsible for quality assurance and software testing in many projects in different business domains (telecommunications, industry, commerce, energy sector, …). Kay has experience with both the classical as well as the agile process models.
QA Navigation Board – Venture into uncharted waters of quality assurancet

In development projects, most clients primarily focus on thoughts of functionality and added value. Consequently, QA and testability are neglected in the planning stage. The team then encounters obstacles in the testing stage that can be avoided if the QA tasks are planned with some forethought. For the planning of the advanced testing stages, testers already have an adequate procedure: a detailed test concept that documents the test objectives and defines corresponding measures and a schedule.

However, this level of detail is not suitable for agile projects and development teams. Nevertheless, the team should consider most of the aspects that are specified in the test concept before starting a project. This is why we have developed a tool that enables the teams to take all the measures required for optimal testability in software projects into account. This tool covers the questions “What needs to be tested?” and “How and where do we want to test?”

In this talk the so-called QA Navigation Board is presented. With the QA Navigation Board, the development teams have a visual tool which they can use to assess the planning aspects of quality assurance at an early stage. The QA Navigation Board can also be used as a reference of the current process and as an approach for potential improvement within the project life cycle. https://blogs.zeiss.com/digital-innovation/en/topic/qa-navigation-board/