Josefine Schaefer
Storyblok (DE)


Josefine currently works as an Accessibility Engineer at Storyblok. She is also a Google Developer Expert for Web, ambassador for Women Tech Makers and GirlCode. She cares deeply about DE&I in the tech industry and beyond and is passionate about all things frontend, inclusive communities and web accessibility. She is also an aerial acrobat, dance teacher and cat mom. She is based in Hamburg, Germany, and travells the world talking about Web Accessibility.

About the Presentation

Beyond Compliance: Testing for a more Accessible Web

A few years ago, I was tasked to bring the accessibility of our clients website to WCAG AA standard – basically starting from scratch. We had to look at everything from improving color contrast to keyboard accessibility, refactoring interactive elements and learning to test with screen readers. It was a huge challenge, and a massive learning opportunity. In my talk, I will not only share why accessibility online is so crucial for all of us and will broaden your audience & reach as a brand, I’d also like to share some of the tools that I find extremely helpful solve the most common accessibility issue to help you reach accessibility compliance and beyond. After all, web accessibility is not about meeting an abstract guideline, but rather about creating inclusive experiences for everyone.

We will look into color contrast, missing alternative text, labels and titles; we’ll dive into keyboard accessibility, the foundations of semantic HTML and it’s massive benefits and explore how to test tab order and focus styles. Lastly, I will share some insights on how to implement Web Accessibility testing in your development and testing processes across your organization.