István Forgács
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István Forgács, Ph.D., was originally a researcher and published 30+ scientific articles. He was a speaker at several academic and industrial conferences. He is the co-author of the books “'Paradigm Shift in Software Testing”, “Practical Test Design” and “Agile Testing Foundations”. He introduced the two-phase model-based testing method. With his co-author Attila Kovács, they introduced three test design techniques. LinkedIn:
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The two-phase model-based testing extends the original computer-readable model with a high-level model that is not readable by an application. From the model, the abstract tests are generated and testers can execute them manually. During the execution, the executable test code is generated. The high-level model doesn’t necessarily consist of the output values, that are only checked. The method is true in-sprint test automation as it takes no significantly more than manual testing.