István Forgács
4TestDev GmbH (HU)


István Forgács, PhD is the co-author of the book Agile Testing Foundations and the book Practical Test Design. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of 4TestDev and was a former CEO of 4D Soft. He is a member of the TA WG and a former member of Agile WG of ISTQB. István is the creator and key contributor of the test-first, codeless test design automation tool Harmony.
Presentation: A New Efficient Test Design Technique


Current test design techniques for stateful applications have several issues. We introduced a new technique by which higher-order bugs can be revealed. The technique is a step-by-step solution, where a model is gradually created. It is controlled by a given test selection criterion such as all-transition-pair testing. The method consists of two phases. During the first, a basic test selection criterion is covered so that the tester adds abstract test steps. During the second phase, the method offers the steps that are either accepted or rejected when infeasible.