Isabel Evans
University of Malta


After more than 30 years in IT, as a quality and testing practitioner Isabel is now a part-time post-graduate student at the University of Malta. Her research focuses on human factors in testing and test tools, and arises from real-life experiences as a test manager, quality manager, and test consultant. Isabel is an author, a speaker at many software conferences, chaired EuroSTAR (2019) and HUSTEF (2018), is a Fellow of the BCS, and received the 2017 EuroSTAR Testing Excellence Award.

About the Presentation

Heuristics to help you design, build, and choose test tools

How well do we design and acquire our tools? Drawing on compelling evidence gathered from a series of interviews, workshops, surveys, and case studies with industry experts and hands-on practitioners, we’re diving deep into a set of heuristics. Each one is a gateway to discovery, backed by explanations and enriched with engaging exploratory activities based on solid research. As an attendee, you will gain access to resources that can help enable critical thinking and reflection about tools and the problems they solve. We will see how sometimes heuristics can pinpoint when a tool might actually be the wrong answer to your problems; with the main takeaway of this talk being that you are empowered to make smarter, evidence-based decisions in your tool design and acquisition efforts.