„Our Superpower is Competency”


Join us at „HEROES SQUARE” & „CENTRAL CAFE” at the HTB Booth! 

Test Yourself! – HTB Quiz for a Samsung Galaxy Buds!

This is a 10-question quiz about Testing Practices, Methologies etc. Test yourself and you can win Earbuds! Drawing: on Friday.

Heroes Square – Mentoring with HTB

The aim of HTB is to support the testing profession and professionals working in the SW Testing & Quality industry  to improve their competency and build a community where we can connect and help each other – for example with mentoring! 

As most of them, our heroes are ordinary people who have found their way and now they are performing exceptionally in their professional career. They are here to listen actively,  to give support, to share their experience and talk about your dreams – This is your moment to ask, discuss and form your future!

Our Mentors

Gábor Kapros

Quality Coach, IT consultant, Test manager, Trainer

Szilárd Széll

DevOps Transformation Lead, SAFe SPC, conference speaker, trainer, coach, ISTQB WG Chair

Tamás Stöckert

Head of Testing, Project Manager, Test manager, Process Improver

Tamás Horváth 

Head of Testing, Test Manager, Coach, Trainer

What is this & Who is this for?

Briefly:  This is a 10-minute virtual one-on-one video meeting with one of our mentors for those who would like to improve their knowledge & competency in the field of SW Testing & Quality and step forward in their career.

This is for YOU if:

  • you already know your question(s) to be answered
  • you do NOT know yet your concrete question(s) to be answered
  • you are interested to get a feedback about an impression you make on an „expert outsider” in a 10 minutes discussion

  • if you are interested your career possibilities in a wider scale
  • you want to practice for your next interview
  • or you just want to get some direction on how to orient in the world of quality assurance in 2021

Even more interested?

These are the steps to register:

  • Choose your own mentor: Have a look at the descriptions of the mentors and pick the one who is the most interesting for you
  • Book your mentor IN ADVANCE by sending an email with his name and your contacts (name & email) to csilla.kohl@hstqb.org and we will send a confirmation with the details
  • Be on time in front of your PC & join the meeting and the stage is yours! 🙂
  • OR just click here in Attendify: Diamond Partners –> HTB –> MeetNow –> if the choosen mentor is available, you will see him with a green dot –> Click to the video and start!

Good to know

  • This opportunity is open for the participants of HUSTEF 2021
  • Mentors are only available during the coffee breaks of HUSTEF
  • The available time slots are limited – you can book a slot in advance or on-fly but remember: first come, first serve!
  • If you booked a slot in advance and finally can not be there in time, please, let us know and help others to get a chance.

Central Cafe – Discussion Corner with HTB

ISTQB AI Testing Syllabus & Certificate is coming!

Discussion starts at 14:35 on Thuesday, 19 Oct at the HTB Booth 

What is this AI Testing syllabus & certification? Is this testing AI systems or testing with AI? Who is this for? Is this something interesting even if I do not deal with AI-based systems? 

Here is the opportunity to ask your own questions!

Our guest is the one who knows all the answers: Klaudia Dussa-Zieger, Chairman of the German Testing Board, Leader of the AI Testing Syllabus Workgroup

How do YOU Test? – TMMi World-Wide User Survey

Discussion starts at 14:30 on Thursday at the HTB Booth  Come and share your thoughts and experience! We introduce a fresh survey about test processes around the world searched by TMMi Foundation. The discussion will lead by Zsolt Hargitai, the vice-president of HTB and the leader of TMMi Hungarian Chapter. 

Requirements Engineering for Testers? 

Discussion starts at 14:30 on Wednesday at the HTB Booth

How do Requirements Engineering and SW Testing & Quality connect and why should you – as a Tester or SW Quality representative – know more about Requirement Engineering & IREB, the International Requirements Engineering Board? Come and ask Péter Illés, Representative of IREB at HTB.