Harry M. Sneed


The speaker has a Master’s Degree from the University of Maryland. He entered the IT field as a programmer analyst with the US Navy Dept in 1967 and migrated to Germany in 1970 where he worked for the Siemens Corp as a project leader. In 1977 he took over the position of test manager for the Siemens ITS project. In 1978 he founded the first commercial test laboratory in Budapest. Since the he has taken part in over 50 test and migration projects throughout Europe and developed some 36 tools for testing, measuring and re-engineering software systems.

About the presentation

Presentation: Calculating the test costs of Micro Services in agile development Projects


The testing approach presented here is to fit the testing effort required to test a web service with the time allowed in an agile project and still attain a minimum test coverage. Agile projects are governed by a release cycle of maximum 4 weeks. Every sprint should deliver a new release, i.e., a new or revised micro service with an acceptable degree of logical, functional and data coverage.  The time to test is the critical factor in agile testing. The goal is to retrofit the services under test to fit the time available.