Gergő Zsolt Kékesi
Ericsson (HU)


Gergő Zsolt Kékesi has over 13 years of experience in testing functionally or non-functionally telco-grade, five-nines reliable, service delivery platforms at Ericsson. He is passionate about new testing methodologies, truly believes in a DevOps culture, tries to always think from the customer’s perspective, and motivates people to exceed their boundaries. And he loves to cook.
Presentation: Getting the recipe right (building a test ecosystem in an Openstack world)


You’ve just been assigned as a Function Test Architect to a new project that extends a widely used platform: Openstack. You’re enthusiastic and curious. You want to change the world and create a test machine that ensures the best quality ever seen in human history. Then you wake up and rejoin reality where you have to start building it with overloaded people, one-line requirements, and pressure from the customer to deliver fast quickly.