Gergő Roznár
Bosch (HU)


Gergő Roznár has been working for Bosch for 5 years. He specialized in security related testing after an academic background of MSc and BSc in Mechatronics in BME. He has taken part of the introduction of security testing in his group and the security related training within the organization.

About the Presentation

From Bugs to Breaches: How to be a Security Tester (and why you can’t talk about it)
Session Speech


Let us share our personal story of becoming security testers in the automotive industry.

It is a great challenge as security testing requires different skills and mindset than software testing, like working with restricted information, facing communication challenges, navigating legal frameworks, and responding effectively to incidents.

We will tell you the ups and downs of our rewarding journey, where the final destination is fortifying product security.