Gergely Ágnecz
OTP Bank


As a Senior Software Developer in Test, Gergely works at OTP Bank. Has a Master's degree (University of Hertfordshire, UK) in Software Engineering, and has been working in Quality Assurance and Development for about 11 years, mostly with Java. As he believes that knowledge is power, he strives to learn new things and share his knowledge, experience on meetups and conferences. Has been a regular guest speaker for years at several famous Hungarian universities holding lectures about mobile test automation and software testing as well.

About the Presentation

Shape wars – A practical guide to fix your test distribution
Session Speech


The testing pyramid is a long-known approach to assist the development teams in layering their testing activities. But sadly, people are focusing on the shape, not on its message or takeaways to be as efficient as they could be. The industry is evolving, we have more and more UI based applications and yet we struggle to aim for a perfectly shaped pyramid test distribution that is not logical or achievable.

It is time to revise the concept and improve it by jumping to the next level of its adaptation. Take a step forward to achieve a better test coverage and test alignment by implementing the concept of the pyramid without focusing on its shape.

But how to make a move forward and avoid this kind of fail? Let’s check things from a different angle. Let’s abandon the shapes and strictly think about the different test levels around 6 questions using design thinking and a similar approach like risk-based testing.