Gergely Ágnecz


As a Senior Software Developer in Test, Gergely works at OTP Bank. Has a Master's degree (University of Hertfordshire, UK) in Software Engineering, and has been working in Quality Assurance and Development for about 9 years. During his career at several multinational companies, such as EPAM, Nokia and BlackRock, he got experience in various domains (finance, healthcare, telecommunication, etc.). On most projects he was responsible for test automation: High-level tasks like build up or improving test automation, Low-level tasks, creating and automating test cases, scenarios. Mostly done in Java and the common SDLCs (Waterfall, V-model and Agile). As he believes that knowledge is power, he strives to learn new things and share his knowledge, experience on meetups and conferences, on company trainings with others. For him, teaching the engineers of the future is very important. Has been a regular guest speaker for years at several famous Hungarian universities like Óbuda University, Pázmány Péter Catholic University and Eötvös Lóránd University, holding lectures about mobile test automation and software testing.
Presentation: Pitfalls and benefits of Return on Investment


Fast delivery and release are key points in Agile and we, from QA side, can support it with accurate and managed testing, and with automation of course.

The teams try to create as many automated tests as they can (in any test layers), the manual QAs thrive to create the manual tests that can be later automated as well. For these later steps we usually calculate the Return On Investment (ROI) to identify the best scenarios to automate and maximize our efficiency.

It is wonderful, but there is a great pitfall behind these actions that must be addressed, if we want to have proper results!

In this presentation Gergely will show the audience what ROI is and what factors do we need to keep in mind to make it as accurate as it is possible.