George Blundell
Curiosity (UK)


George Blundell is a Solutions Engineer at Curiosity. He implements and supports model-based approaches to test automation and fosters close collaboration between stakeholders across the SDLC. Over the past 4 years George has given hundreds of technical presentations and has spoken at conferences and online events. You can find him on LinkedIn at

About the Presentation

“Complete” In-Sprint Testing Using Collaborative Models
Session Speech


I’ve worked with organisations who have half-stepped into “agile” methodologies, only to struggle to test in-sprint. The number of tests automated is never the core problem. Instead, I’ve found four common barriers to scaling automation, which I will outline in this talk. I will then explore how collaborative, model-based testing creates optimized tests for complex systems. I will discuss organisations who generate new tests as systems change, concluding with three paths to adopting modelling.