Gábor Benedek
Morgan Stanley (HU)


Gabor is a seasoned technology professional with over a decade of experience in testing across various platforms, including web, mobile, and batch systems. As a fourfold ISTQB-certified expert, he specializes in Test Automation, DevOps, and SRE with a strong focus on Observability. His career journey has taken him from QA roles to DevOps leadership at Morgan Stanley, where he leads the DevOps strategy for 13 development squads as of now. This role encompasses the coordination of DevOps, QA and SRE/Observability practices to ensure a seamless development lifecycle and high software quality. He enjoys exploring new technologies and advocating for innovative practices that drive stability, efficiency and reliability. LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gaborbenedek/

About the Presentation

Beyond Regression Testing: Observability for QA

The role of a modern QA engineer goes beyond traditional testing to achieve sustainable software quality. It involves embracing automation, facilitating frequent releases, engaging in the whole SDLC. Yet besides these efforts, “exhaustive testing is not possible” – [ISTQB: 7 Principles of Testing]. This presents a significant risk of failure.

How can we further mitigate this eternal risk?
I have an idea. Let us, QA go to PRODUCTION!

In my presentation, I will share my journey of the integration of observability practices into the QA process. The goal is to further reduce the risk of introducing bugs into production and shorten the time needed to restore a product when a bug occurs. I will describe the problem and my solution through a real-life experience, touching upon:
– the used, purely open source technologies
– standard (DORA) metrics measuring the progress
– steps forward self-healing
– vision of issue forecasting

Key Takeaway: by introducing the observability practices into the QA process, we can move toward an even more proactive approach to software quality, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and business success.