Frank Wammes
Capgemini (SE)


Chief Technology Officer | Public Speaker | Technology Enthusiast | Motivator | Innovation Leader | Firewalk Instructor My passion is to connect the bits with the beats. Combining passion, technology and creating positive impact is what has been driving me since entering the world of IT. Hence the (heart)beats. I am in the fortunate situation to put this passion into action in the different roles I fulfilled within Capgemini. Most recently as Executive Vice President Automotive, and before that as Chief Technology Office for Capgemini Europe. As Corporate Speaker, Executive Coach and Innovation Lead, I help our clients discover the "Art of the Possible" and help identify opportunities that directly drive to improved bottom line ! As a hobby I am a certified Firewalk instructor, helping people break through their mental barriers and let them discover their true potential.
KEYNOTE SPEECH: Connecting the Bits with the Beats to shape a bright future


In this era of uncertainty, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the challenges facing us. Geopolitical tensions, economic slowdowns, and supply chain crises are just a few of the issues we face, not to mention the technological unknowns that keep us up at night. Will AI become a threat to humanity? Can we trust the safety of Blockchain? Will automation render jobs obsolete?

But what if we looked at this turbulence as an opportunity to create a new reality? A chance to combine megatrends and new technologies to shape a better world and reap the benefits. That’s the idea behind this keynote: to show you how, by connecting your heartbeat with technology, you can take ownership in shaping the future.

Through examples of positive impact, you’ll experience how technology is shaping the world for the good. You’ll gain insights on how to make a difference and create the future you want to see. This keynote is a ride full of positivity, inspiration, and mobilization.

So, are you ready to connect your Beats with the Bits and create the future you want? Join us and let’s make it happen!