Emna Ayadi
Sogeti (FR)


Emna is an Agile Quality Coach from Tunisia and currently she works at Sogeti France. She started her IT career in 2015 with a focus on quality engineering. She's also an international speaker and workshop facilitator, having spoken at various Testing and Agile conferences and a contributor to two books.
Meet your hidden power of exploratory testing and add fun to your testing journey
Half Day Tutorial


Albert Einstein once said, “I have no special talents, I’m just passionately curious.” This quote is not only true for a world famous theoretical physicist but also for the guild of exploratory testers. Driven by curiosity and coffee (or another hot beverage of choice) an exploratory tester spends time with the software artifacts and tries to unlock the hidden gem, discover areas where no user has been before, and find the unknown unknowns that could bear a risk to the software under test.
Common misconceptions make us believe that exploratory testing does not require skills. In this session we will help you unlock crucial traits that will help the tester in you to find those unknown unknowns hidden deep down in the software, forgotten or never revealed in any documentation.

From theoretical introductions and concrete examples based on our experience, we are pleased to run some hands-on exercises with you.

During the session we will help you train your brain and think outside the box so that you can meet the explorer in you.

Let’s experience together how you can apply exploratory testing. You will find out how ideas and software can be discovered. Learn how you can apply and incorporate the learnings from the tutorial in your everyday testing.

Join us in this tutorial and unlock your inner explorer!


About the Presentation

Discover the Quality Coach role and their Toolbox
Session Speech


It’s easy to say, “quality is everyone responsibility” but putting it in practice and involve the whole team to quality is not obvious. The Quality Coach role exists to help team members and stakeholders actively adopt quality practices and make quality tangible in the product, process and people involved.
As a Quality Coach, I would like to first present the role in detail, then share my first experience in this role, the challenges I encountered and the result of this experimentation at team and organizational level.
I learned that it is required to know beforehand: what aspect of quality does the team want to improve? Why ? and how we can benefit from cross-functional learning and experimentation through communities of practice as well as visualization.
I learned different facilitation techniques for an effective coaching experience with teams to make them committed to quality.
During this presentation, I will share with you the role of Quality Coach in agile teams as well as the toolbox that can used during facilitation. Which aims to meet the objectives of organization and teams towards quality.