Dénes Milán Orosz
DACHS Computing & Biosciences (HU)


Dénes is a junior software tester from Hungary. He started working in IT in 2018 and he's been a tester for 2 years now in international projects.The biggest challenge in his life currently is to decide which way to specialise in software testing. This will be his debute in HUSTEF providing you with his personal experience gathered during the years of interships and the time as a full time employee through asking a billion questions, failing and learning from those mistakes.

About the Presentation

As a Computer Science university student, how did I become a trusted tester by his mentors? Join me and find out!
Session Speech


Usually, university students in IT courses who are about to do their required internship or have just finished their studies face the same problem as Dénes did. The journey that they are about to take hasn’t even started or is just barely starting, and they are facing a lot of challenges.

In Dénes’s presentation, he will shamelessly open up about all the joy and frustration of becoming a professional junior tester. He will share his experiences as he faced these challenges, including the major changes that happened to him and his life before he even realized that he wanted to work with hundreds of manual and automatic test cases. His talk targets not only those who are still students or have recently graduated, but also provides exclusive insights for managers on how to treat their apprentices better.