Dénes Kósa


Dénes is a Senior Test Automation Engineer at Commsignia since 2019. Commsignia develops vehicle communications solutions for automotive companies, cities, and road managers to help them build intelligent transportation systems and further develop existing transportation infrastructure. Dénes has 10 years of experience working as a Software Tester in different areas such as fintech, mobile workflow management, and now in the automotive industry. He participates in all levels of test automation including test case planning and implementation, test framework and tooling development (mostly in Java) as well as CI/CD toolset maintenance. He believes that good workflows and practices benefit any team, so he is constantly looking for ways to improve them. Keeping ant colonies is his latest hobby and he is also a fan of homemade keyboards and home automation systems.
Presentation: How Behavior Driven Development will make your life easier also in the vehicle communications industry – Powered by Commsignia


The journey from a traditional test development process to BDD has its challenges. We started to learn and use BDD at the beginning of 2021, and we had to re-think our approach, thoroughly discuss the plan with the management, and re-write our Java-based Test Framework from scratch to support the gherkin syntax, which is almost like plain text. All this work provided a great opportunity to improve the understanding between different teams, to increase the product quality and to make the daily life of the testing team easier. 

What could be a key selling point for management to spend time on the transition? What difficulties you may face and how you can overcome them? How could an automotive company benefit from BDD? Listen to our experiences of what we’ve learned so far.