Corina Pip
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Corina is an experienced tester and manager, with a career spanning over a decade. Her favorite activities include: doing automation by means of Java, Selenium, and other cool frameworks, setting up and maintaining automation frameworks, or basically anything related to testing. She is also currently a member of the Selenium Project Leadership Committee. Her contribution to the testing community include: blogging about testing (, speaking at conferences, doing webinars and trainings (, She also tweets at @imalittletester.

About the Presentation

What’s new and good in Selenium
Session Speech


Selenium 4 and the subsequent smaller 4.x releases have brought a few changes and a lot of great new features into the framework. We now have relative selectors for identifying page elements; the BiDi API/Chrome DevTools functionality to perform such tasks as emulating devices or capturing network requests; but there are also updates on how you can work with multiple windows or use the Actions API in your tests. I will show you all of these plus more to help you be up to date with the goodness of the Selenium framework.