Corina-Adina Pip


Corina is a Test & Automation Lead, with focus on testing by means of Java, Selenium, TestNG, Spring, Maven, and other cool frameworks and tools. Previous endeavours from her 11+ years testing career include working on navigation devices, in the online gaming industry, in the aviation software and automotive industries. Apart from work, Corina is a testing blogger ( and a GitHub contributor ( She is the creator of a wait based library for Selenium testing ( and creator of “The Little Tester” comic series ( She also tweets at @imalittletester.
Presentation: Worst mistakes you can make in automation


Automation has become a must in many projects. We dream of having automation based CI/CD pipelines that run smoothly, without any manual intervention. But sometimes our automation turns out not to be that great tool we wanted. Many mistakes are being made as the project evolves and grows. Some automation projects get abandoned simply because they are unusable after a few years. They are not scalable, they are not suitable for new needs, and nobody really knows what’s in there.

What are the worst mistakes you can make when working on an automation project? How can you avoid them? And how can you avoid the need of creating an entirely new framework months after creating the initial one? Join me as I share my lessons learned on this topic.