Conference Programme

4-5th November

Conference Days


Emily Bache

Developer – Tester Collaboration


Janet Gregory

What’s Testing Got to do with Quality?


Michael Bolton

 What’s Wrong with Manual Testing?


Paul Gerrard

Testers! Why you need to lead




Corina-Adina Pip

Worst mistakes you can make in automation




Geoff Meyer & Jennifer Bonine

Rise the Relationship Worker: Being a better human in the age of AI


Jenny Martin

The new normal – How to succeed with OOPSI and memories from the before time


Kari Kakkonen

Encouraging children into software testing


Tomasz Dubikowski

The Tester





Attila Kovács & István Forgács

Test design revisited I-II


Chhavi Raj Dosaj

Defect based testing approach


Dániel Kővári

Core values and testing – Powered by evosoft Hungary




Dániel Lakatos & Mera Abbassi

Security Testing


Dávid Ferenc Vránics

My testing experience with a cloud-controlled unmanned aircraft system



Dávid Bolla & János Szenfner

The Void behind Buzzwords in IT – Powered by United Consult



Eylül Akar & Mesut Durukal

4 Pillars of Successful Agile Test Automation


Gabriella Kiss

Focus on the non-functional testing


Gergely Ágnecz

The good, the bad and the Agile – Stories of the past


Gergő Zsolt Kékesi

Getting the recipe right (building a test ecosystem in an Openstack world)



Harry M. Sneed & Wolfgang Prentner

Calculating the test costs of Micro Services in agile development Projects


Imola Cseh

Accessibility testing


Jani Grönman

How make the context of testing tangible and how it guides testing?


Kevin Pyles

The Road to Level 5 Autonomous Testing


Marcel Veselka

Don’t miss the train! Test automation is finally growing up


Parveen Khan

Testing Tour: My journey of Pairing and Learning


Sargis Sargsyan

Building in House Scalable Mobile Lab for Automation


Shweta Sharma

Advanced automated visual validation testing


Szilárd Széll

DevOps challenge in 5G – Powered by Eficode


Tamás Béla Darvay

Challenges and difficulties of HW testing in a SW world


Tamás Stöckert

Testing is for everyone – Powered by HTB


Vojtěch Barta

Effective Reporting – back to the roots


Wim Demey

Is survival of the fittest only for the fastest?


Yana Shapka

Being a mediator in a distributed multicultural team


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