HUSTEF Career Clinic – 4-5 October

 – During Lunch Time, both days –

Welcome to HUSTEF Career Clinic! As a conference attendee, you will have this unique opportunity to talk about your career problems / questions and seek advice from experienced practitioners, mentors and coaches in a discreet, confidential and friendly space.

Areas of support to include all elements of testing, e.g. certification / career development / career pathways / mentorship and finding a mentor, coach, technical and non technical skills.

>> This is for you if…

  • ….you already know your question(s) to be answered
  • …you do NOT know yet your concrete question(s) to be answered
  • …you are interested to get a feedback about an impression you make on an ”expert outsider” in a 10 minutes discussion

  • …if you are interested your career possibilities in a wider scale
  • …you want to practice for your next interview
  • …or you just want to get some direction on how to orient in the world of quality assurance in 2023

>> Subjects we can support

  • Testing, Quality Engineering subjects like Automation, Test Management, Tooling, Non Functional Testing, Team Building and Structures, Testing in Agile / DevOps 
  • Quality Leadership – Personal Development like making new habits happen; Multi-tasking & Prioritisation; Dealing with confrontation / conflict
  • Quality Leadership – Professional Development like Communication – how to make it work with colleagues; People Management; Inspiring trust and respect in others

  • Professional Development in YOUR Career like how to get clear on your career goals & planning for success; how to get noticed & brand yourself & build your network; LinkedIn & Social Media Masterclass; World-class job search process with CV & successful interview tips
  • Mentoring as the best way in your Personal Development –  Having a Mentor/Being a Mentor – why, how and making it successful
  • …or just how to ask for help 🙂

>> Your Mentors & Coaches


Quality Coach, IT consultant, Test manager, Trainer


Agile Quality Coach


Senior Test Consultant and Mentor


Career Coach, Scrum Master, MSP, PRINCE & NLP Practitioner

Vipin JAIN

People Manager, Coach, Mentor and Customer Success Expert


Senior Quality Engineering Manager


Business & Life Coach, Mentor

>> Steps to Register

  • Book your time slot IN ADVANCE by clicking here, filling the form and sending it
  • We will get back to you with the details like your mentor/coach’s name and the exact time slot

>> Good to Know

  • This opportunity is open for the participants of HUSTEF 2023
  • Mentors/Coaches are only available during the lunch breaks of HUSTEF
  • The available time slots are limited – you can book a slot in advance or on-fly but remember: first come, first serve!
  • If you booked a slot in advance and finally can not be there in time, please, let us know by sending and email to and help others to get a chance