Attila Kovács


Attila Kovács is full professor at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest. He is a project leader of several research projects and consults for companies on software quality, testing and cybersecurity. He is an ISTQB and IREB trainer, a founding member of the Hungarian Testing Board. He wrote several books, including Practical Test Design and Paradigm Shift in SW testing. Together with his co-author he maintains the website
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly solutions in test design

The talk is about test design. First, we overview the existing and known test design techniques based on IEEE 29119 Annex 4. Then, with the help of an explained requirement set (RollerCoaster Gating), we show that coverage-based solutions are not enough, new test design automation techniques needed based on the possible faults. Section „GOOD” discusses the general predicate testing solution, by which 100% of the predicate bugs can be revealed. Section „BAD” discusses the traditional methods and shows that they suffer from revealing all BVA bugs. The „UGLY” section shows how the available program design helps reducing the number of reliable test cases. After all, we discuss the time and cost of the presented test design (see more at