Dr. Andrew Brown
Expleo (UK)


Dr Andrew Brown is a principal consultant at Expleo. He leads an independent line of research into understanding why we humans make the mistakes that lead to software defects. He has 25 years’ experience in the software industry. Previous roles include Head of QA at HMV, Head of QA at a financial software house and a test manager in Japan. He holds a degree in Physics and Maths, an MBA from Warwick Business School and a doctorate from Imperial College
Use red teams to challenge orthodox thinking on your software development projects


Our industry suffers an alarmingly high project failure rate. Many projects are late, over budget, or simply cancelled. To avoid such disasters, we need access to independent, critical views and alternate perspectives that challenge our prevailing notions. But how can we acquire such access?

Red teams were developed to address exactly this problem. In this session we learn what a red team is, the problems they solve, the tools and techniques they use, plus how to set up your own red team.