Andrei Danilov
Typeform (ES)


Throughout the different roles I’ve been involved in the industry I’ve always enjoyed the creative way of looking at technology and, through my blog and talks, I hope to inspire many IT professionals to bring value to their organizations in new, diverse and ingenious ways.
Presentation: The geeky way of making big engineering teams to follow standards collaboratively

As engineering organizations are growing, so does technical complexity, which leads us to the need for creating standards. Using a certain CI/CD tool provider, deprecating calls to a legacy service, protecting your codebase against leakage of secrets, throwing uniform error codes in all the systems in our platform, using uniform commit messages: these are the kind of things that we like to decide for our organizations. But, how do we check and promote their adoption so we are sure that the standards are applied by all the engineering projects? And more importantly, how can we make it in an automated way so it scales? In this session, Andrei and Javi will share the success story and lessons learned on managing (automatically and collaboratively) an important aspect of Quality: Standards.