Andrei Danilov
Typeform (ES)


Currently Engineering Manager of a software development team at Typeform, Andrei has developed his passion for Quality from his experiences in the early days of his career as a QA Engineer, which later on enabled a successful experience as a Fullstack Engineer. Through the use of data and metrics he has been impactful in a wide number of projects, which made him pursue his MsC in Artificial Intelligence. Outside of work, Andrei enjoys electronic music, sports and culinary experiences.
Predicting Software Quality with Machine Learning


In order to better support the planning and direction of an Engineering department, it is useful not only to have information about the present and the past, but also to make inferences about the future. The session gives an overview of a tool used to measure engineering standards and how, based on the data generated by it, classical Machine Learning techniques and modern data plus ML tools, a company was able to take meaningful decisions that impacted Quality.